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Sweet Custom White Papers

How many days a week do you wake up and think, "I could really use a whitepaper right now?". Five? Ten? Worry no more friend. Fly your data flag high and proud, basking in the knowledge that your reason for living exists – and it has been comb bound.

Say hello to world class design!

Big agency costs getting you down? Cubicle Ninjas believes that great design should be for everyone, and we work hard to bring that dream to life. Whether you're a Fortune 500, a mom-and-pop, or a fancy new startup, we tackle every project with the dedication of a true creative ninja!

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The Process

Hey look – we have a process! That means we are completely and utterly legit. These steps are formed by fallen unicorn tears, each individually hemmed together by one million microscopic tiny lobsters. (The tiny lobsters always seal the deal.)

The Samples

Many Fortune 500 companies brag about how amazing their whitepapers are. Are you tired of being left out of the party? Well, next time a fancy-schmancy captain of industry won't quit yammering on about his sans-serifs, you can plop your new beautiful whitepaper in their lap and scream "LET'S DO THIS!".

But I know a guy...

So your cousin's buddy designs a mean whitepaper, right? Well trust me, we give better whitepaper. No fooling.

Help me!

If you're stuck inside some large corporation's headquarters, chances are you need to be reminded from time to time that real people exist. We'll talk to you (by email)!

Shipped to your door

You pay for the snazzy design, but you get something even better – beautiful printed copies of your hard work. It is like a very lame magic trick!

* Additional cost for whitepapers over 20 pages. Price indicates full color pages with cover, binding, and all custom design.